Adelaide Zoo’s Otterly Adorable Pups Pass Their First Health Check

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Date: May 27, 2020 1:49 pm

Photo Credit: Adelaide Zoo

Adelaide Zoo in South Australia has announced that their oriental small clawed otters are healthy and revealed their genders following their first health check. This health check took place on World Otter Day.

The three otter pups were born in March and have been raised since then in their den by the parents.The pups are yet to be named with Adelaide Zoo planning to open up this naming opportunity to the public in the near future.

As part of the health check vets determined that the pups were two boys and a girl who weighed around 400g on average. They still have lots of growing to do with adult otters weighing 3kg on average.

Photo Credit: Adelaide Zoo

Zoos SA (The operator of Adelaide Zoo) vet, Jenny McLelland said, “We had a good look at their eyes, ears, mouth, teeth and checked their heart, and then we checked their weight and also gave them a vaccination and microchipped them so we can identify them. They’re in excellent health and great condition. They’re bright and well.”

As soon as they were given the all clear by vets the pups were reunited with their mum and dad.

Adelaide Zoo is currently closed to the public but when they reopen visitors will need patience to see the pups as their keeper Jade Koek explained, “The otter pups are pretty shy, so visitors will need to be patient. They should start coming out of their den soon, having swimming lessons with their mum, dad, brother and sister.”

Photo Credit: Adelaide Zoo

May 27th marks world otter day, a day aimed at bringing awareness to the plight of these vulnerable animals. Jade said, “Today is World Otter Day. A really important day to note as this vulnerable species is decreasing in the wild.”

Adelaide Zoo has made an amazing contribution to the survival of oriental small clawed otters with a total of 70 pups born since the beginning of the breeding program.

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