Aisha orang meets the siamangs at San Diego Zoo

Aisha the San Diego Zoo’s baby orangutan has recently got some new playmates. Following careful consideration keepers chose to introduce her to the siamangs that share the orangutan enclosure.

The keepers began with a visual introduction where they could see each other but not interact. Mother Indah was on hand to make sure introductions progressed well. They were looking to avoid a situation like ten years ago where Indah and baby Cinta were chased aggressively by the siamangs. Luckily the siamangs were nice to Aisha and she seemed interested in them.

Finally the day came where they meet face to face. Indah kept the siamangs in check making sure they didn’t get too close or inquisitive. If they were out of line she chased them and made them go away, No fights broke out and Aisha was interested in the siamangs and remains so to this day.


The orangutan group have been enjoying interacting with the youngster. Unkie and Ellie have developed a game where they grab Aisha’s hair, arm or leg and Aisha try’s to get free. Of course as soon as she is ‘free’ she goes right back for more. They will also swing their foot near her trying to get them to grab it.

Aisha has also been getting closer to Karen and they like to hang near the climbing structures. As she gets more independent Karen is occasionally climbing into the trees to be near her. Janey is the last member of the group for Aisha to play with and keepers suspect as she comes to the ground more this will happen.

Currently Aisha is 15 months old and 15lbs (6.8 kg). So far she has 16 teeth with her 2 canines recently beginning to grow.

She can be viewed on exhibit between 9am and 4.30pm.

Photo Credits: San Diego Zoo

For more of Aisha’s cuteness check out this video from her first birthday.

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