Aisha orang turns 1 at the San Diego Zoo

Aisha the orangutan who lives at the San Diego Zoo has recently turned one. Her birthday was celebrated on Saturday, October 25.

Each day keepers are beginning to notice that she is more confident as she climbs and hangs around on the exhibits tree structures.

It has been slow going for Aisha as she has only grown to 10 pounds (4.5 kilograms) so far. It will not be until she reaches her 4th birthday that she is not considered a baby anymore. She even has 12 teeth and has begun taking some of mums solid foods.


Her baby status has not got in the way of her adventurous streak as her personality begins to become apparent. When playing with enrichment one of her favourite activities is to toss things in the air. She will also forage with Indah her mother and also goes around practising her nest building skills. Aisha is even attempting to eat anything she can get her hands on.

For her birthday she received presents including painted boxes, treats and gourds. Her mom took her to the ground to collect some things she could play with as she still sticks to mom on the ground though.

Photo Credit: San Diego Zoo

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