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Asian Horned Frog Fact File

Megophrys montana

Credit: Raffiakbar29, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons








Wild 5 years

Captive 5 years




Conservation Status


Least Concern

Asian horned frogs are named for the points of skin which sit above the eyes. The full purpose of these is yet to be determined.

These amphibians are native to Asia where they live near water. This is the home of their larvae known as tadpoles. They have specially adapted mouths which help them to eat plants at the surface.

They are carnivores which as adults feed almost exclusively on insects.

This species is restricted solely to island of Jawa where they have been subject to habitat fragmentation.

Learn more about these amazing amphibians by reading on below.


What does the Asian horned frog look like?

The Asian horned frog is named for the small points above each eye which resemble a horn. Protruding from the front of the head is a long snout.

An exact reason for the horns is still the subject of debate. It may help to break up the outline of the animal to assist with camouflage. They may also protect the eyes.

A pair of black spots are present at the back of the arms. Dark bands are present across the back legs.

The iris is colored dark brown with a black, vertical pupil in the middle.

Their coloration mimics that of a dead and decaying leaf with a mixture of brown shades found across the entire body. The underside is darker in color than the back.

An average Asian horned frog will measure 10-13cm (4-5.2in) long. Females are larger than males.


What does the Asian horned frog eat?

Asian horned frogs are carnivores which will feed on a range of invertebrates. Prey consumed may be as long as the frog itself.

These animals use their camouflage to lie in wait on the forest floor.

Asian Horned Frog

Credit: Wibowo Djatmiko (Wie146), CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons


Where can you find the Asian horned frog?

As their name suggests Asia is the native home of the Asian horned frog. Here they are found exclusively in Indonesia on the island of Jawa. The species may also be present on the island of Sumatra.

Their range is subject to fragmentation due to habitat loss.


What kind of environment does the Asian horned frog live in?

These amphibians make their home in forest habitats. Occasionally they are found in plantation areas. They are found in close proximity to the water, mainly small streams.

They make their home among the leaf litter on the ground.

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How does the Asian horned frog produce its young?

During the breeding season the males will call near a stream.

The eggs of this species are clear.

Asian horned frogs hatch in to larvae known as tadpoles. Unlike most tadpole species which have a downward facing mouth they have evolved an upward facing mouth. This assists them with feeding on their preferred food source, tiny plants.


What does the Asian horned frog do with its day?

When these frogs move around they use short hops a their small legs make longer jumps difficult.

Asian Horned Frog

Credit: Wibowo Djatmiko (Wie146), CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

Predators and Threats

What is impacting the survival of the Asian horned frog?

Populations of the Asian horned frog are under threat from encroachment on their habitat. This is primarily for the development of farming and logging for wood.

Small numbers are present in the pet trade.

Quick facts

These animals are also known as the Asian spadefoot toad or the Javan horned frog.


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