Animal artists pick up the paintbrush at Oakland Zoo

Animal art show

Artworks produced by a range of animals from the Oakland Zoo will be auctioned off to raise money for animal conservation from September 10th-20th.

The zoo’s elephant, meerkat, lemur, goat, sunbear, giraffe, hyena, siamang, goat, chuckwalla, snake, chimpanzee, lion, cockatoo, parrot, ferret, cockroach, squirrel, bat, river otter and vervet monkey have all had a go at putting paw to canvas to help raise funds. You can learn more about each of them here – Art Show Entrants | Oakland Zoo

ArtOf course the animals enjoy painting and have the option to not participate if they choose. Zookeepers do offer them some treats to sweeten the deal though.


“The Animal Art Show is a triple win; it provides fun enrichment for our animals, helps support the conservation of wildlife, and draws public attention to the various conservation challenges that animals face,” said Amy Gotliffe, Conservation Director at Oakland Zoo. “The Animal Art Show is also a perfect example of how the entire Oakland Zoo staff embraces our conservation efforts, from our Marketing Department to our Animal Care team. We hope the lucky winners of this unique art know that they took action for wildlife every time they look at it.”


Proceeds from the show will be donated to Oakland Zoo’s Conservation partners.


This is the second animal art show following on from last year’s where the zoo was able to raise $10,000 by auctioning off twelve paintings. With thirty-two paintings this year keepers are hoping it will be a bigger success.


Erin Harrison who came up with the concept for the show said, “Not only does our Animal Art Show raise much needed funds for animals in the wild, it provides many of our animal residents here at the Zoo with an enrichment activity – and gives anyone out there an opportunity to bid on a unique work of art while knowing they are helping conservation efforts around the world with their purchase.”

Some of the paintings will be on display at The Blueprint in Oakland from September 10-20.

Photo Credit: Oakland Zoo

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