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Animals at Australian Zoos Celebrate Christmas

Posted By : The Animal Facts Editorial Team

Date: December 25, 2021 12:01 am

As the world wakes for Christmas animals at zoos have been celebrating themselves over the last week. We gathered our favorite celebrations from zoos across Australia for you to enjoy.

Baby Animals Celebrate Their First Christmas at the Australian Reptile Park

In this video you can see all the baby animals at the Australian Reptile Park enjoy their first Christmas celebrations

Photo Credit: Australian Reptile Park

Kicking off the celebrations in Australia we bring you the annual video from the Australian Reptile Park with their cutest baby animals celebrating Christmas.

Featured in the adorable video are Poppy the wombat joey, Stanley the Tasmanian devil joey, Rupert the koala joey, Linguini the ringtail possum joey and other adorable joeys born this year.

Head Keeper at the Australian Reptile Park Daniel Rumsey said, “We love getting into the Christmas spirit here and so do our animals! We needed to make sure these little guys had the perfect first Christmas and I think we pulled it off!”

Australian Animals Christmas Party
Australian Animals Christmas Party

Left: A baby koala in a Christmas basket. Right: A ringtail possum with a Christmas tree

Photo Credit: Australian Reptile Park

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Chimpanzees Open Their Christmas Presents at Monarto Safari Park

Australian Animals Christmas Party
Australian Animals Christmas Party

The chimpanzee family at Monarto Safari Park explore the presents prepared by their keepers

Photo Credit: Monarto Safari Park

At Monarto Safari Park the 12 strong chimpanzee troop were given a huge pile of presents to unwrap. The presents have been crafted by Monarto Safari Park’s BEEZA (Behavioural Environmental Enrichment for Zoo Animals) volunteer group.

Monarto Safari Park Senior Primate Keeper, Laura Hanley, said Chimpmas is a beloved tradition and one of the primate keepers’ and the chimpanzees’ favourite celebrations.

“The chimps spend a lot of time exploring and going through all the different presents. It keeps them busy all day!” she said.

“We do behaviour enrichment everyday but this is just a special occasion that really bonds the troop and engages them.

Treats provided to the chimps include frozen-yogurt covered pinecones, Christmas presents with dried nuts and popcorn inside, and festive-coloured beetroot, spinach and apple juice.

In March the chimpanzee troop will receive the best present of all with female Galatea expecting an infant.

Animals Enjoy Christmas Treats at Orana Wildlife Park

Australian Animals Christmas Party

An African lion at Orana Wildlife Park holds a Christmas treat

Photo Credit: Orana Wildlife Park

At Orana Wildlife Park the elves brought a range of treats for the animals as part of their Festive themed fun day. Across the park animals including African lions, kune kune pigs, geckoes, rhinos and gorillas received special treats provided by keepers.

Head Elf, Maddy Hodge, says: “our team are very excited to share this special day with visitors and spread the Christmas spirt. We love this event, it has become a really popular day for staff, animals and visitors and is an especially exciting way to pass away the hours ahead of the big day!”


“We’ve spent weeks gift wrapping some amazing treats for the animals and cannot wait to see the variety of unwrapping techniques utilised! Monitors will munch tasty morsels, kea will artfully destroy their presents and lions will roar into their gifts. There will also be some special appearances including an appropriately placed sleigh and chimney. It will be an exciting day for all”

Learn more about the Australian Reptile Park on their website – Australian Reptile Park

Learn more about Monarto Safari Park on their website – Monarto Safari Park

Learn more about Orana Wildlife Park on their website – Orana Wildlife Park

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