Asian Elephant Celebrates Birthday at Perth Zoo

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Date: January 24, 2022 6:05 pm

Asian Elephant Birthday Perth Zoo

Tricia the Asian elephant with her birthday cake at Perth Zoo

Photo Credit: Perth Zoo

Perth Zoo have celebrated the 65th birthday of their Asian elephant Tricia. To mark the occasion keepers gifted her a special cake formed from her favorite treats.

Tricia arrived at Perth Zoo in January 1963 from Ho Chi Minh City. She was named after Miss Australia 1962, Tricia Reschke.

She is one of only two elephants in Australia aged in their 60s with the other being Saigon at Sydney Zoo.

A crowd of zoo staff, volunteers and visitors gathered around to see Tricia and her friend Permai enjoy the treat.

Senior Keeper, Kirsty Carey, said: “At 65 years old, Tricia is well into her twilight years, so we are incredibly lucky to celebrate another birthday milestone with her.


“Tricia is one of the oldest Asian Elephants in the world and sadly, we know she will not live forever.


“She has already surpassed the average life expectancy for an Asian Elephant. In fact there is only one other elephant in Australasia who is over sixty years old, so every day we have with Tricia is an extra special gift.”

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Over the past 12 months Tricia has been showing signs of her age.

“We knew the day would come when she would slow down and prefer to have a quieter life – and that day is now. Tricia needs to take things a bit more slowly and do things at her own pace.”


“If she wants to sleep in, that’s her choice. If she is not up for meeting the public, that’s her choice. Tricia’s care and welfare is our priority – everything we do is designed to make her as comfortable and happy as possible,” Kirsty said.


“It really is a privilege to work with such a special animal, particularly one as iconic to Perth’s history as Tricia.

Unfortunately due to her old age Tricia was beaten to her cake by Permai who quickly broke it in to bite size chunks.

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Learn more about Perth Zoo on their website – Perth Zoo

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