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Audubon Aquarium and Insectarium to Reopen


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April 18, 2023 6:13 pm


New Orleans, Louisiana, The United States

Audubon Aquarium will welcome guests once again when they reopen on June 8 2023. Alongside the renovated aquarium guests will also be able to explore the relocated Audubon Insectarium which has moved from its former home at the U.S. Custom House.

The aquarium complex has been shut since November to undergo extensive renovations allowing it to also become the home of the insectarium. This has created a one of a kind experience being the only place in the world where guests can experience an aquarium and insectarium under the one roof.

"Through our reimagining, visitors will experience many of their favorite Aquarium exhibits in an entirely new way. Not only are there new animals in our care, but educational opportunities to showcase the important connections between humans, animals, and the environment," said Rich Toth, Senior Vice-President and Director of Audubon’s downtown facilities. 

Their grand opening will coincide with World Ocean Day as Toth explained, "It is especially exciting to open the doors for our newly renovated Aquarium on World Ocean Day, the day set aside to celebrate the world’s oceans and what we can do to protect them."

Guests arriving at the aquarium will be able to make use of a new downriver entrance with a multi-story bird-safe glass curtain wall, a monumental stairway and a 2,500 square foot lobby that will tell the story of Audubon’s conservation work around the world. Travelling to the second floor guests will find the entrances to the aquarium and insectarium.

New experiences at the aquarium include the 60-foot-long hands-on touch pool with sharks and stingrays alongside the highly anticipated access to the behind-the-scenes access to the Aquarium’s largest exhibit, the 450,000-gallon Gulf of Mexico exhibit.

Guests will also be taken on a journey to the Amazon rainforest to discover fan favourites including armadillo, tortoise, several species of birds alongside the newest member of the Audubon Aquarium family, a Linnaeus’ two-toed sloth.

At the new look Audubon Insectarium guests will discover a new look for this iconic experience. One of the highlights is a trip to the the Insectarium’s Butterfly Garden where hundreds of butterflies representing 20 different species. Butterflies will float around guests as they enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding.

"Combining technology with the natural beauty of the animals in our care offers innovative experiences for our guests," said Higinio Covarrubias, Director of Husbandry at Audubon’s downtown facilities. "There is a 264-square foot giant-sized motion reactive display wall that uses the latest interactive technology to bring images of butterflies and lightning bugs to life that reacts as people walk near."


"The opening of the new Audubon Aquarium and the new Audubon Insectarium are key elements in the re-envisioning of the Mississippi Riverfront at Canal Street," said Ron Forman, Audubon Nature Institute’s President and CEO. "We are proud to be part of this monumental transformation of the Riverfront and look forward to welcoming guests to the Aquarium and Insectarium in June."

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