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Aussie Ark Bandicoots Take Off to New Home


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April 20, 2023 1:10 pm


Aussie Ark, New South Wales, Australia

Five bandicoots from Aussie Ark have taken to the skies as they made the move from Aussie Ark in Central New South Wales down to Wildlife Wonders located on the southern coastline of Australia. These five bandicoots were bred at Aussie Ark as part of a five year plan to breed and eventually rewild this species.

Aussie Ark Supervisor Tyler Gralton caught and health checked the bandicoots at the Barrington Tops Sanctuary. They were then driven to Central Coast and handed off to specialists in native animal transport, Ceva logistics who drove them to Sydney Airport to catch their flight.

Aussie Ark Manager of Conservation Hayley Shute said the staff will miss the bandicoots but she’s “so excited” they will be providing vital genetics to other sanctuaries around Australia to ensure the species’ long-term survival.


“Southern Brown bandicoots might look like a little brown rat but they’re actually gorgeous!” Ms Shute said. “They’re an incredible species which are vital for the health of ecosystems across Australia. They’re an ecological engineer; they turn over the soil, distribute fungi, and decrease fuel load which helps minimise bush fires.”

Teams at Aussie Ark are working to secure a future for the bandicoots in the face of threats such as introduced predators and land-clearing. To achieve this goal they work alongside a number of sanctuaries across Australia such as Wildlife Wonders.

“These bandicoots need a hero,” Ms Shute concluded. “Today, Aussie Ark is their hero.”

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Our Favourite Southern Brown Bandicoot Fact!

Southern brown banicoots help to engineer their ecosystem by aerating the soil as they search for fungi helping other plants to grow in to the future. They also help to spread fungal spores allowing them to grow.

Image: © Aussie Ark

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