Aussie Ark Celebrate Breeding Success with Rare Frogs

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Date: March 18, 2022 5:29 pm

Aussie Ark Frog Breeding Success

A giant barred frog is seen at the Aussie Ark breeding center

Photo Credit: Aussie Ark

Conservation organization Aussie Ark and their partner the Australian Reptile Park have announced success in their breeding of endangered amphibians. Two species, the Stuttering Barred and Giant Barred frog have bred for the first time at the conservation ark facility.

The announcement comes ahead of World Frog Day celebrated each year on March 20th 2022.

Aussie Ark Frog Breeding Success

A stuttering barred frog tadpole which was bred at Aussie Ark

Photo Credit: Aussie Ark

Both of these frog species were impacted by the bushfire disaster of 2019-2020. Dramatic declines in frog populations have been recorded across Australia. Habitat destruction, pollution, feral predators and, critically, Chytrid fungus are all playing a part in the downward trajectory of Australian frog species.

The frogs are being bred in captivity to act as an insurance population for the wild populations. By breeding these species the young will be protected as they grow and then be released in to the wild as adults to boost the wild population.

They are also taking place in projects looking at the cause and cure for Chytrid, which is a fungus that primarily affects the skin of a frog and can spread extremely quickly through an ecosystem, but also between ecosystems.

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"This World Frog Day, we are excited to be celebrating with the hatching of hundreds of endangered frog tadpoles. Following the devastating loss during the bushfire disaster, drought and then floods, it is exciting to see hundreds of these little guys swimming around,” says Jake Meney, Head of Reptiles at the Australian Reptile Park. 

He continues, “The effect of the natural disasters experienced over the last couple of years has been radical, plus they must battle Chytrid fungus. It is important that we have these breeding programs in place before we lose any more of our amphibian species.” 

Aussie Ark Frog Breeding Success

A green and golden bell froglet is seen at the Aussie Ark breeding center

Photo Credit: Aussie Ark

Conservation Ark has been jointly funded by the conservation organization Aussie Ark and eco-education and tourism organisation Australian Reptile Park to help bring wildlife conservation to the community.

The facility is supported by the Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Program – an Australian Government initiative. Through this program, Aussie Ark was awarded $850,000 towards protecting endangered species including the Manning River Turtle, Brush-tailed Rock-wallaby, Giant Barred Frog and Stuttering Barred Frog.  

Once the tadpoles have grown in to healthy adults they will be returned to the wild.

Aussie Ark Frog Breeding Success

Stuttering barred frogs are seen mating at the Aussie Ark conservation breeding center

Photo Credit: Aussie Ark

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