Aussie Ark Devastated By Flooding Events

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Date: April 4, 2022 9:24 pm

Aussie Ark Flooding

A koala is stranded on a post as floodwaters engulf its habitat in New South Wales

Photo Credit: Aussie Ark

As a second flooding event brings catastrophic damage to New South Wales in Australia Aussie Ark have shared details of the effects on their facility and native wildlife.

The ongoing flooding event is predicted to bring with it over 300mm of rain as it rolls across northern New South Wales. With ground already sodden the flooding has prompted evacuation and watch orders across the area.

Aussie Ark have not been spared damage. Located near the epicenter of the floods the conservation project has suffered from damage to predator proof fences, washed away access roads, reforesting works threatened, conservation projects delayed, and wildlife left without homes.

Damage has bee reported across both the Barrington Wildlife Sanctuary and Mongo Valley Wildlife Sanctuary.

In a release the sanctuary explained the issues which may affect native wildlife, ''Flood waters pose a huge threat to wildlife, and their survival. The quickly rising waters have likely flooded burrows and drowned animals such as wombats and echidnas, while critical food sources have been washed away. The destruction of habitat has already been huge, and the impacts will be long lasting, with species displaced and placed at greater risk of predation by feral animals, car strike and disease.

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“We have experienced weeks of near non-stop rain, and the impacts to our sanctuaries are devastating. Our wildlife has been handed blow after blow in recent years, making the long-term rehabilitation and protection of our wildlife that much more critical” says Liz Gabriel, Aussie Ark Director. 

Aussie Ark is appealing to the community to provide help which will ensure the survival of native wildlife. They have launched a flood appeal to assist in flood recovery, repair damages, assist in recovering critical reforestation projects and build brighter, long-term futures for our wildlife. 

You can support the appeal here - Australian Wildlife Flood Appeal

Australia's wildlife is in a fragile state with a range of threats contributing to fast declines in the populations of many species. A single major event such as this can accelerate these declines.

Aussie Ark work to protect these animals through creating insurance populations of threatened and endangered species, developing safe havens for our wildlife to call home and rehabilitating damaged ecosystems through intense weed and fire management, tree planting and rewilding activities. 

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Learn more about Aussie Ark on their website – Aussie Ark

Aussie Ark Flooding

A kangaroo is seen in flood waters in New South Wales

Photo Credit: WWF

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