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Aussie Ark Welcome Their 500th Tasmanian Devil Joey


Cale Russell


August 2, 2023 12:50 pm


New South Wales, Australia

Conservation organisation Aussie Ark have celebrated the birth of their 500th Tasmanian devil joey as part of their conservation efforts for the threatened species.

The devil in question is a 4 month old male born to mother Paddy. He was discovered by Aussie Ark’s Conservation Manager Hayley Shute and Operations Manager Dean Reid during their annual health and pouch checks. They chose the name Milo for the new arrival.

For Managing Directors Tim Faulkner and Liz Gabriel the milestone is described as exciting and emotional in the survival of this species. “Each individual baby is so precious,” Ms Gabriel said. “And this joey, and what he represents, is so special for all of us who have been dedicated to saving the species for so many years.”

Aussie Ark began life as Devil Ark focused on the conservation of this endangered species. In 2011 the first 44 disease-free Devils from Tasmania arrived at the Barrington Tops facility. Since then the milestones have continued with 11 devils becoming the first in 3000 years to live free on the Australian mainland when they entered the 400 hectare Barrington Wildlife Sanctuary.

The sanctuary is now home to the largest population of the Tasmanian devil on the Australian mainland.

Managing Director Tim Faulkner said the 500th joey is not just proof of the program’s success but also a symbol of hope for resurrecting Australia’s ecology in the future.


“The Devil is an apex species,” Mr Faulkner said. “In the wild in Tasmania, it protects and provides for the entire ecosystem. It improves and balances out the environment. And that’s a real conservation bang for buck. I love the Devil…and so does Aussie Ark!”

Milo was born in the Barrington Wildlife Sanctuary where it will spend the remainder of its life roaming free.

500th Tasmanian Devil Joey born at Aussie Ark

Milo, a 4 month old Tasmanian devil joey is the 500th joey born as part of the conservation efforts for this species at Aussie Ark. Image: © Aussie Ark

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Our Favourite Tasmanian Devil Fact!

Tasmanian devils can swim and climb trees. They have been seen swimming across 50m (160ft) wide rivers which are quite cold.

Image: © Aussie Ark

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