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Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital Rescue Orphaned Echidna

Posted By : The Animal Facts Editorial Team

Date: October 17, 2020 11:30 pm

echidna australia zoo

An echidna puggle which is in care

Photo Credit: Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors

Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors have reported a further increase in admissions at their Australia Zoo wildlife hospital. As trauma season continues an influx of orphaned wildlife is being presented to the wildlife hospital.

With the start of spring in Australia the weather is beginning to increase. This sees more animals beginning to move around to find water or a mate for breeding season.

As human habitats expand these activities are increasingly dangerous with the two main threats which see animals presented to the hospital being car strikes and pet attacks.

Dr Terri Irwin, founder of Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors said the hospital team are preparing for a further influx of trauma patients.

“From September through February each year, the number of patients in need of treatment and care almost triples. This year has been extremely concerning with over 1,100 animals in just one month” Terri said.

A group of frogmouth chicks in care at the wildlife hospital

Photo Credit: Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors

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One patient in care at present is Rarity an echidna puggle. He was brought to the hospital for life saving treatment after being rescued when his mother was hit by a car.

Koala admissions are also increasing at the hospital. Currently 60 koalas are in care at the hospital with more arriving each day. “Some days we see seven koalas arrive, and we are quickly running out of room,” Terri shared.

The Australia Zoo Wildlife hospital is open 24/7 and over 95,000 animals have been treated at the hospital since it opened in 2004.

To help reduce the number of trauma victims the wildlife hospital staff encourage drivers to slow down on the road and if you hit an animal check its pouch to see if there is a joey which could be saved.

echidna australia zoo

A platypus receives care at the wildlife hospital

Photo Credit: Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors

Learn more about the short-beaked echidna here – Short Beaked Echidna | The Animal Facts

Learn more about Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors on their website – Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors

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