Baby baboon greets the world at Oakland Zoo

baby baboonA baby haydramas baboon is greeting visitors at Oakland Zoo.

Keepers have recently named the baby baboon choosing a Swahili name to reflect her heritage. She is known as ‘Mimi’ which means ‘I am’.

Zookeepers arriving to work on May 21st found this surprise in the baboon enclosure. The baby was healthy and was nursing with her mother, Maya. Maya and Mimi spent a week behind the scenes so they could bond but now she is making her debut.

Oakland Zoo has had magnificent success with these baboons with Mimi being the third baby baboon born in the last year and a half. The other members of the troop are reacting well to her with siblings Mocha and Kodee being incredibly curious.

Margret Rousser , the Zoological manager was excited about the experiences the baby would give her siblings. She said, ‘This new baby is great because not only do we have parent raised baboons, but the other two youngsters are able to witness and participate in infant care, which will only make them better mothers in the future.’

The babies dad, Martijn, is currently the leader of the troop. Him and mum Maya arrived at Oklahoma in in 2013 coming from Emmen Zoo over the Netherlands. The move was made under recommendations by the Zoo and Aquarium Association. The association manages breeding to make sure the population of baboons in the US remains healthy.

Visitors can meet Mimi at Oakland Zoo’s baboon cliffs exhibit.

Photo Credit: Oakland Zoo

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