Baby Crowned Lemur is just one of many babies born in boom at Lincoln Park Zoo

baby crowned lemurA lemur birth has staff and visitors excited as spring begins at the Lincoln Park Zoo.

The baby crowned lemur is one of many babies born at the zoo this year. A klipspringer arrived at the zoos Regenstein African journey exhibit. He was born off exhibit. A Sichuan takin has also been born at the zoo joining his herd at the antelope and zebra area.

This little crowned lemur though is stealing the show at the Helen Brach Primate House.

The baby joined the troop on April 14.

The baby spends much of its time clinging to mum tucker. Due to this the gender of the lemur is unknown.

For Tucker and dad ,Sokkwi this is baby number 5 and they are very proud of it.

The baby is a little bit camera shy though cuddling into mum’s fur during this picture.

baby crowned lemur

Mum, dad and their offspring, Nuru and Azizi moved to the zoo last fall from Indianapolis zoo.

The baby lemur will stay with mom for 5-6 months hanging on to her back or stomach as she leaps around the exhibit.

The crowned lemurs are named for the pattern of fur which is on top of their heads. They are vulnerable in their native Madagascar.

They live on a diet of fruit, leaves and insects searching through the trees for these during the day in groups of 5-6 where the females are in charge.

Due to habitat loss and poaching the species is under threat in the wild.

The baby is a welcome addition to the breeding program taking place across America to help breed the species.

Photo Credit: Lincoln Park Zoo/Anita Yantz

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