Baby drill born at Bristol Zoo


Bristol Zoo is celebrating the birth of a rare drill. At just 800g (1.7lb) the little monkey represents hope for a species whose number is steadily declining.

The parents of this young monkey are Rourke and Ineke who are part of one of just four drill troops in Great Britain.


Luckily they are great parents as senior curator, John Partridge explained, “Ineke is proving to be a brilliant mum. At first she didn’t quite know what to do or even how to hold her baby but she has come a long way in the days since she gave birth. She now looks very nurturing. Her little one is still too young to be sexed but is a good size and is looking very strong which is great for us to see. Like any new dad, Rourke is keeping a watchful eye on the new-born and Ineke and staying close-by most of the time.”


Populations of this endangered primate in their African homeland have declined 50% in the past 30 years. Currently it is thought that just 3,000 are left in the wild.

In captivity they are just as rare. In 20 zoos worldwide there are just 85 of these animals.

Photo Credit: Bristol Zoo

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