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Baby Koala Saved from Car Grill by Australia Zoo


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April 14, 2023 6:55 pm


Australia Zoo, Queensland, Australia

Australia Zoo have provided a second chance at life for Eamon the koala joey after his mother was involved in a traumatic accident. Eamon was found lodged in the grill of a car which had travelled a further 30 kilometres after his mother was struck. Unfortunately she did not survive the accident.

Eamon was brought to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital where he was given a full health assessment and admitted to the Perry MacFarlane Koala Intensive Care Unit. 

Luke Reavley, General Manager at Wildlife Warriors said, “Our team at the Wildlife Hospital was shocked when we realised the circumstances Eamon was brought to us under. He is a strong little koala who will be with us while undergoing treatment and specialty milk feeds every four hours.” 

On arrival Eamon was found to be dehydrated and suffering from abdominal bleeding. He was provided medication to stop the bleeding and is now being monitored around the clock.

“Eamon’s story is a tragic reminder of the devastating impact of car accidents on native wildlife. But we are thrilled that we can help, and are able to give him the care he needs to get back to full health. Koalas are now listed as an endangered species, and every life saved at the Wildlife Hospital makes a critical difference to the population of these iconic animals in the wild,” Luke said. 

With his health showing signs of improvement Eamon will soon move to a specialist wildlife carer who will carry on his recovery. As he matures he will be returned to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital for Koala Kindy. This involves socialization with other koalas and climbing tall trees learning the skills needed to be an adult koala.

Terri Irwin, Founder of Wildlife Warriors said, “Eamon’s journey has touched our hearts. It is incredibly saddening that this poor joey lost his mum in a traumatic car accident, and got lodged in the grill of the car. Thanks to the extraordinary efforts of everyone involved in rescuing this joey and bringing him to the Wildlife Hospital, there is hope that he will be able to return to the wild and live a healthy life.”

Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital is a key project of the Wildlife Warriors charity. Each year over 10,000 animals undergo life-saving treatment at the hospital which operates 24/7.

The rescue of Eamon serves as a reminder to drive slow and take extra care when driving in wildlife habitats.

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