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Belfast Zoo Unveil Updated Sloth Snug


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April 10, 2023 9:37 pm


Belfast Zoo, Belfast, Ireland

Belfast Zoo have thrown the doors to their rainforest house back open to guests. The new facility features a sloth snug for Enrique and Priscita, the Linne’s two-toed sloths.

The new sloth snug has been specially adapted to suit the needs of Enrique and Priscita who share the space with a group of red-footed tortoises. While the sloths can enjoy a range of branches for them to climb across guests will enjoy the spacious viewing area allowing guests to spend time studying the sloths.

Priscita arrived in Belfast last year and took up residence alongside Enrique. Keepers are hoping a romance will spark between the pair but like all things with sloths its slow going.

Further improvements were made to the rainforest house during its closure including a new heating system designed to mimic the temperature and conditions of the rainforest. This was made possible through a collaborative effort of the zoos keeping and gardening teams.

A number of new plants are also featured in the space which were donated by the botanic gardens and planted by zoo staff. The updated plantings will allow animals including Sclater’s crowned pigeon and sunbitterns to red-footed tortoises and sloths, to feel at home in their habitat.

Zoo Manager, Alyn Cairns, said “This is an exciting development for the zoo and we appreciate the efforts of everyone who has come together to create this new and improved space. Sloths are one of our most popular species with visitors and we are delighted to introduce this specially adapted sloth area at Belfast Zoo.”

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Our Favourite Sloth Fact Fact!

While a sloth may look and behave much like a monkey with their tree-climbing habits, they are actually more closely related to the armadillos and anteaters which are most commonly seen on the ground.

Image: © Belfast Zoo

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