Beluga bub born at Georgia Aquarium


Georgia Aquarium has a new mum who just made it in time for her first mother’s day. Maris the beluga gave birth at 1.25am on Sunday May 10. The calf came to the surface to take a breath soon after birth which is an important milestone. To ensure she bonds with Maris aquarium experts are watching the pair 24 hours a day.

Maris has been preparing for months for this delivery. She has had routine health checks, ultrasounds and intensive staff training. Since Mrch she has been under 24 hour monitoring by passionate and dedicated animal care staff.


Director of zoological operations, mammals and bird at Georgia Aquarium, Eric Gaglione said, “Our experienced team is providing the best care available to both calf and mom and will continue to provide 24-hour care as long as is required. Animal care is the top priority at Georgia Aquarium, and our team continues to fulfill our commitment to do whatever it takes to provide the finest care for our animals.”


Georgia Aquarium is one of just seven accredited zoos and aquariums in North America which display beluga whales. The aquarium is commited to the care and conservation of these whales and plans to share the knowledge they havegained during this process with other members of the marine mammal community.


This birth is important as it is the first time a viable calf has been born to parents who were born in human care. Mum, Maris was born at the New York Aquarium in 1994 while dad, Beethoven was born in 1992 at SeaWorld San Antonio.

Photo Credit: Georgia Aquarium

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