Black Rhinos to Join the New Bristol Zoo Family

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Date: February 28, 2022 7:35 pm

Bristol Zoo Black Rhino

File photo of a black rhino within a zoo

Photo Credit: The Animal Facts

Bristol Zoo have begun to announce the species which will occupy their new site when it opens in 2024. The new experience will be an expansion of the Wild Place Project while the current site at Clifton will close.

One of the new species which will be exhibited at the site are black rhinos. This endangered species will be part of plans to increase the number of conservation dependent species at the new site.

At the new Bristol Zoo the black rhinos will be part of a European wide effort to increase numbers of this threatened species. The new population will act as a safety net against the extinction of this species.

Brian Zimmerman, Director of Conservation at Bristol Zoological Society, said: “They will be living in a new exhibit with scrubby vegetation and mixed trees, resembling their habitat in Africa. 

“What’s unique about the new Bristol Zoo is that visitors will discover animals in a natural setting, rather than creating a completely human-made environment for them.”

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Mr Zimmerman said: “They are such iconic animals but they are threatened and we want to play our part in protecting them.


“We have ambitious conservation plans for the future and we hope that the black rhino will be part of that work.”

The ambitious plans for the site put conservation front and center with over 78% of the species having links to conservation efforts. This is a higher percentage than any other zoo in the United Kingdom.

Black rhinos are among a number of African species which will call the new Bristol Zoo home. Other species set to be added to the new attraction include endangered African grey parrots and critically endangered slender-snouted crocodiles. There will also be extremely rare species of West African fish which visitors will be able to see in a new underwater viewing area.

Some species will relocate from the current inner city including the iconic gorilla troop. These will live in a woodland home alongside a troop of cherry-crowned mangabeys.

Bristol Zoo will close to the public on September 3rd 2022 and reopen in 2024 at their new site.

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Bristol Zoo Black Rhino

File photo of a black rhino within a zoo

Photo Credit: The Animal Facts

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