Black and white colobus born at Stone Zoo

An Eastern black-and-white colobus has been born at the Stone Zoo.

Teka gave birth to a baby who has not been sexed yet on October 14. This week she joined her father Isoke and her half sibling, who was born on September 10, on exhibit. The young colobus is noticeable due to being completely white which contrasts on its mothers black fur. She too will start to turn black after her first birthday.

The monkey is allowed out as long as the temperature is correct.


The Zoo New England President and CEO, John Linehan said, “We are thrilled to share the news of another exciting birth. As with any birth, we are closely monitoring the mother and baby. The baby has been observed nursing and is holding on tightly to its mother, which are both positive signs.”

Zoo New England is part of the Eastern Black-and-White Colobus Species Survival plan (SSP) which plans breeding in a way that increases genetic diversity. The program run by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums recommended this breeding.

Linehan added that, “It will be great fun for our visitors to watch the family dynamics as the two baby colobus monkeys grow up and interact with each other, as well as with their two older siblings born at the zoo last year.”

Eastern black-and-white colobus have an ecological and cultural significance their African forest home. They live in groups with one male and a number of females with their young. They leap through the tress eating food throughout the day.

One of their noticeable traits is a long u-shaped mantle of white fur which starts at the shoulders and trails down the back. They also have a long fluffy white tail which is used for balance allowing them to make long leaps through the trees.

Photo Credits: Dayle Sullivan-Taylor/ Zoo New England


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