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Blue Duikers Dive in to Reid Park Zoo


The Animal Facts Editorial Team


July 20, 2023 7:15 pm


Tucson, Arizona, The United States

Reid Park Zoo have introduced their newest residents, a pair of blue duiker. The male and female are the first of their kind to call Reid Park Zoo home and have arrived at the zoo following a breeding recommendation from their Species Survival Plan.

“We are excited to have blue duikers at the Zoo and to help tell their story,” said Adam Ramsey, Zoo Animal Care Manager. “This species is unlike any other animals currently at Reid Park Zoo and we look forward to guests getting to know these small, spritely antelopes.”

10 month old female, Marigold has come to Tucson from the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore while 2 year old male, Viazi arrived from the San Antonio Zoo. Since being brought together at the zoo the pair have become acquainted with one another and a bond has become to form. Guests will be able to find the pair sharing their home with the zoo's ring-tailed lemur troop.

“The male was a bit shy at first, so the animal care team has been working to slowly help them get adjusted to their new home. To see those adorable little faces and know that they represent important conservation work to help sustain their species is uplifting,” added Adam. 

Duiker comes from a word meaning 'dive' in the Afrikaans language. This name references the species habit of diving in to bushes when threatened.

They are a small species standing just one foot tall and weighing six to seven pounds as adults. Much of their day is spent foraging. As their food is so full of moisture they are among the few species that have no need to drink standing water to survive. Their numbers are impacted by habitat loss and over-hunting but the species is not currently considered endangered.

Blue Duiker Moves in to Reid Park Zoo

Image: © Reid Park Zoo

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Our Favourite Blue Duiker Fact!

The duiker has the largest brain, relative to its body size, of any antelope species.

Image: © Reid Park Zoo

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