Bristol Zoo Animals Cool Down with Icy Treats

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Date: July 31, 2020 10:30 pm

bristol zoo cool down

The Keas enjoy an ice lolly filled with fruit

Photo Credit: Bristol Zoo

As the temperature rose across Britain this week keepers at Bristol Zoo have been hard at work to keep their charges cool and comfortable.

One way that keepers helped the animals cool off was by providing ice blocks filled with fruit, mealworms or fish to the agouti, monkeys, warty pigs, parrots and seals.

Left: Sun conures enjoy an ice lolly

Right: Visayan warty pigs enjoy an ice lolly

Photo Credit: Bristol Zoo

Nigel Simpson, Head of Animal Collections, explained the purpose of providing the treats: “Giving fruit or fish with ice to our animals is a great way of providing enrichment for our animals as the frozen blocks are slow to thaw,” he said. “It is also an added benefit of providing a cool food source during these warmer periods of the summer.”

A group of kea enjoy an ice lolly

Photo Credit: Bristol Zoo

While most of the animals like to cool off others welcome the sun. Silverback gorilla Jock can be seen snoozing in the sun with his family at Gorilla Island. The lemurs and meerkats can be seen sunbaking with the lemurs often seen sitting with their arms stretched out.

The fur seals and tortoises take the opportunity to cool off by sitting in their pools. If the gorillas get too warm they can also sit in their stream.

Learn more about Bristol Zoo on their website – Bristol Zoo

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