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Changing the world through education

All across the planet a massive race is on. The world’s forests are disappearing and animals are being killed every day for food, souvenirs and a range of other products.

The total number of species which are currently threatened with extinction is at least 16,000.Even worse is that over 900 species are already extinct. These numbers are growing daily with more and more crises’ taking place.

Currently the equivalent of 1.5 earths is being used to produce the products we use. This means there is a great need to reduce what we use as the Earth cannot support this level of use.

Across the world deforestation is affecting the world as areas of forest equivalent to the size of Panama are removed each year.

The world’s reliance on palm oil is seeing large reductions in the numbers of tigers and orang-utans.

2,500 elephants were killed last year so poachers could harvest the ivory that forms their tusks.

Climate change has seen the world’s temperature raise 0.74oC.

Overfishing means that 52% of the world’s fisheries are over-exploited to the point where they cannot recover.

These are just some of the major issues affecting the world at this time. That is the why the Animal Facts has stepped in to help.

Animal testing

Content Warning

The information or images contained within these pages may be considered distressing by some viewers. Please exercise caution when viewing and always supervise children while using the internet.

Our cause pages

In the pages below you can find out more about each cause such as -

  • What is the issue
  • What can you do to help
  • Is there a solution
  • How does it affect wildlife and humans
emo nemos sea life sydney

‘Emo Nemos’ Swim in to Sea Life Sydney Aquarium 

panda cub smithsonian

Panda Cub at Smithsonian’s Zoo Has His First Vaccine 

oregon zoo condor release

Four Oregon Zoo Raised Condors Return to the Wild 

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