Image: © Jerome Kalvas/ Zoos SA

Cheetah Cubs Step Outside at Monarto Safari Park


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May 7, 2023 9:34 am


Monarto Safari Park, South Australia, Australia

Monarto Safari Park have released the first images of their cheetah cubs in their outside yards. Born in March the cubs have until now been growing in their den under the watchful eye of mother, Qailee.

Qailee gave birth to two cubs of her own and in an Australian first she adopted a single cub born to a seven-year-old Quella. Unfortunately in most instances a female is unable to produce enough milk if she only has a single cub. Keepers stepped in to provide feeds every two hours until Qailee gave birth eight days later when they placed the cub in her den.

Monarto Safari Park have had a successful year in their cheetah breeding program with another four cubs born to mother Kushi three weeks after this litter. At present those cubs remain in the den with Kushi.

At present all of the cubs are being raised in off-display areas but once they make their way in to the on-display enclosures guests may see them from the viewing platform or zu-loop bus. Zoos SA will continue to provide updates through their social media on the cubs.

Cheetah have unfortunately become the most endangered cat in Africa as a result of habitat loss, the illegal wildlife trade and human-wildlife conflict. Over 90 percent of their population has been lost in the last century with just 6,000 remaining.

Zoos SA partners with the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) to support their on-ground conservation efforts, research and education.

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Cheetah Cubs Step Outside Monarto Safari Park
Cheetah Cubs Step Outside at Monarto Safari Park
Cheetah Cubs Monarto Safari Park
Cheetah Cubs Step Outside at Monarto Safari Park
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Our Favourite Cheetah Fact!

The cheetah is the fastest species of animal on land reaching speeds of up to 110km/hr (70mph) when they are running across the savanna in pursuit of their prey. This can only be sustained for short periods before they become too tired and must rest.

Image: © Jerome Kalvas/ Zoos SA

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