Chester Zoo Introduces Un-bear-ably Cute Andean Bear Cubs

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Date: July 17, 2020 9:11 pm

andean bear cubs chester

Photo Credit: Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo have shared their adorable Andean bear cubs who are the first twin Andean bear cubs to have been born in the United Kingdom.

Born in January the twins have recently started to emerge from the den to explore their habitat under the watchful eye of mum, Lima.

One twin is a male and the other is a female. Conservationists at the zoo have named the male cub, Mateo and the female cub, Pacha.

andean bear cubs chester
andean bear cubs chester

Photo Credit: Chester Zoo

The cubs were given a clean bill of health recently as Lucy Edwards, Chester Zoo’s Assistant Team Manager of Carnivores explained, “Just a few weeks ago, while the zoo was closed, a small team of keepers and vets managed to give the cubs a quick check over and we’re very happy to report that both were given a clean bill of health. It’s great that we can now safely welcome back visitors and they can learn more about Andean bears and see the twins for themselves.”

Andean bears are incredibly shy animals and, for this reason, are still something of a mystery to conservationists. So to see mum Lima allowing her two little cubs to explore so freely and enjoy a bit of friendly rough and tumble is just wonderful – it’s very, very special. The twin cubs are so full of energy and their playful personalities are really starting to show – it looks like they will be keeping mum very busy!,” added Lucy.

Andean bear cubs are the only bear found in South America and are listed as vulnerable to extinction by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. It is estimated that as few as 10,000 may remain in the wild.

andean bear cubs chester

Photo Credit: Chester Zoo

Lucy said, “Mum, Lima, is doing an incredible job caring for her new cubs and they seem to be really thriving under her watchful eye. Her new arrivals are vital additions to the endangered species breeding programme, which is working to preserve the species, help conservationists to learn more about them and ultimately, protect the long-term future of these beautiful bears.”

Chester Zoo support conservation work for the Andean bear in Bolivia which is working to prevent conflict between the Andean bears and locals, one of their main threats.

Andean bears are the inspiration for the Paddington Bear cartoon.

Learn more about the Andean Bear here – Spectacled Bear | The Animal Facts

Learn more about Chester Zoo on their website – Chester Zoo

Video Credit: Chester Zoo

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