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Chimpanzee Enjoys Birthday Pool Party at Monarto

Posted By : The Animal Facts Editorial Team

Date: February 20, 2021 9:40 pm

chimpanzee party monarto

Tsotsi the chimpanzee celebrates ten years as head of the troop at Monarto Safari Park

Photo Credit: Adrian Mann

Keepers at Monarto Safari Park in Australia have celebrated the second birthday of their chimpanzee Hope at the same time they celebrated her father Tsotsi holding the position of alpha male for ten years.

To mark the second birthday of Hope keepers set-up a party with papier-mache presents, banners, streamers, bucket ice blocks and a pool filled with bubbles.

“Hope is an adventurous two-year-old who is always testing the boundaries,” said Primate keeper Hayley Lewis.


“In recent times Hope has been practicing her somersaults but has now moved onto flipping into hammocks.

— AD —

“Hope’s mum Hannah is very playful and they can often be seen laughing as they engage in a game of tickle. One of Hope's favourite games is to be thrown into the air by her mum and caught again." 


“Hope’s favourite playmates are of course her mum Hannah, 16-month-old Zola and  five-year-old-Enzi,” finished Hayley.

Hope was named by Dr. Jane Goodall, the world renowned primatologist when she was three months old.

Footage from Hope the chimpanzee's birthday party at Monarto Safari Park

Photo Credit: Monarto Safari Park via instagram

Not content with just one reason to celebrate the troop is also celebrating 10 years of male, Tsotsi being the alpha within the troop. The 31 year old moved to Monarto Safari Park in 2009 to form the chimpanzee troop and rose to alpha male in 2011.

Over the years there have been a few challenges to Tsotsi's position but he has managed to retain it through the support of the troops female members.

Zoos SA support the conservation of chimpanzees in the wild through the Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary and the Jane Goodall Institute Australia. They are also part of an international breeding program for the species.

chimpanzee party monarto
chimpanzee party monarto

Hope the chimpanzee plays at Monarto Safari Park

Photo Credit: Adrian Mann

Learn more about chimpanzees here – Chimpanzee Fact File | The Animal Facts

Learn more about Monarto Safari Park on their website – Monarto Safari Park

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