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Posted By : The Animal Facts Editorial Team

Date: May 13, 2020 6:54 pm

Photo Credit: Colchester Zoo

A pair of endangered golden lion tamarins at Colchester Zoo in England have become first time parents. Sooty and Satine welcomed their twins in to the world on April 22nd 2020.

Zookepers at the attraction report that the pair have proved to be attentive parents and are providing great care for their first children.

Golden lion tamarins are monogamous and both parents are very hands on. Twins are common in golden lion tamarins and in rare instances they can have triplets or quadruplets.

Older children stay with the parents and help to raise the new children but as this is their first litter Sooty and Satine will be caring for these babies alone. Luckily once the pint sized primates have reached one week old dad began to help with their care. He assists by carrying and caring for one of the children to help lessen the load on mum.

As the babies grow they will be able to explore their exhibit which is shared with a group of sloths.

The birth of these twins brings the lifecycle full circle at Colchester Zoo for their golden lion tamarin family. Their dad Sooty was born at Colchester Zoo during 2013. Satine joined him during July 2019 from a zoo in France and the pair had an instant bond.

The birth is great news for the breeding program for golden lion tamarins. This species is listed by International Union for the Conservation of Nature as endangered on their red list.

Learn more about golden lion tamarins here – Golden Lion Tamarin | The Animal Facts

Learn more about Colchester Zoo on their website here – Colchester Zoo

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