Colobus baby joins the family at the Audubon Zoo

colobus babyThe Audubon Zoo is saying hello to a colobus baby. The colobus baby joined the zoo family on Sunday April 27.

She has been named Habari which means hello in Swahili.

Her parents, Kivuli and Mandeesa, have only been at the zoo for a year after arriving from Sunset Zoo in Kansas. The pair have proven to be the perfect match though.

Keepers originally feared Kivuli was not up to the job, as the curator of primates Courtney Eparvier said, ‘Because Kivuli was hand-raised, we were unsure that he knew what to do when it came to breeding.’

He proved keepers wrong though and went on to father Habari.

Mandeesa has also received praise with Eparvier stating that she is ‘a fantastic first time mother.’ Keepers have noted that the group has done very well welcoming the new addition.

These colobus monkeys are a safety net for the wild population which is under threat. Currently they roam 15 countries in central Africa. Their home is being threatened by habitat destruction.

Visitors can meet Habari at the zoo’s World of Primates exhibit.

Photo Credit: Audubon Zoo

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