Corroboree frogs return to the wild

78 tiny adult Southern Corroboree Frogs have experienced the chilling winds of Mount Kosciuskzo for the first time when they entered a disease free wild enclosure recently.

The effort saw 38 frogs from Zoos Victoria and 40 from Taronga Zoo returned to the mountain where they will be monitored to see if they lay eggs. Expertise from the Amphibian Research Centre and the NSE Government helped with the recovery project.

Wild populations of the corroboree frog are being devastated by Amphibian Chytrid Fungus that is also impact other frog species worldwide.


Corroboree frogs are at a crisis point with just for wild individuals believed to still be alive in Kosciuszko National Park the only place they can be found. Experts are hoping that these frogs will become resistant to the disease through increased exposure to the wild.

These 78 frogs will be monitored in the coming weeks to see if eggs have been laid.

Photo Credits: Zoos Victoria


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