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 Cotton-Top Tamarin Passes Health Check at Adelaide Zoo

Posted By : The Animal Facts Editorial Team

Date: October 14, 2020 9:40 pm


Cotton-top tamarin, Peppa during her health check

Photo Credit: Zoos SA

A mini monkey with a punk rock haircut has passed her health check in tip top condition at Adelaide Zoo.

Peppa the cotton-top tamarin received a health check this week as part of her quarantine after arriving at Adelaide Zoo from Halls Gap Zoo in Victoria at the end of September.

Five year old Peppa received a full physical examination including a check of her limbs, digits, eyes and teeth. While she was under anesthetic she was also x-rayed and had blood taken. Finally a test was undertaken for tuberculosis.


Vets prepare Peppa a cotton top tamarin for an X-ray at Adelaide Zoo

Photo Credit: Zoos SA

Following the health check vet Oliver Funnell gave her a clean bill of health and confirmed she should be ready to leave quarantine in the coming weeks.

“Peppa’s health looks great,” says Oliver. “Physically, she appears very healthy and I see no reason why she couldn’t exit quarantine as normal."

Once Peppa is out of quarantine she will join ten year old Gomez who was bred at Adelaide Zoo. It is hoped the new pair will eventually welcome some offspring. When they do it will hopefully be twins which is common for these tamarins.


An X-ray of Peppa the cotton top tamarin at Adelaide Zoo

Photo Credit: Zoos SA

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Cotton top tamarins come from South America where they live in the middle layer of the forest canopy. Their diet is made up of insects and plant materials such as fruit, leaves and gums.

At Adelaide Zoo Peppa and Gomez will enjoy a gourmet diet of fruit, vegetables and insects, as well as a special primate “cake” to ensure they receive all the vitamins and minerals they need.

The cotton top tamarin is an endangered species with less than 6,000 remaining in Colombia which is the last country where they can be found.


Vets prepare Peppa a cotton top tamarin for her X-ray at Adelaide Zoo

Photo Credit: Zoos SA

Learn more about the cotton top tamarin here – Cotton Top Tamarin Fact File

Learn more about Adelaide Zoo on their website – Adelaide Zoo

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