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Cute Mishmi Takin Calf Born at Highland Wildlife Park

Posted By : The Animal Facts Editorial Team

Date: April 9, 2021 12:30 am

Takin calf Highland Wildlife Park

The Mishmi takin calf at the Highland Wildlife Park

Photo Credit: RZSS

The Royal Zoological Society of Scotland have celebrated the birth of a Mishmi takin calf at the Highland Wildlife Park. He was born to mother Chimi and dad Jorge on March 22nd 2021.

Staff at the wildlife conservation charity will announce the name of the calf in the next two weeks.

Debbie Barclay, hoofstock keeper at Highland Wildlife Park, said, “Our newest arrival is doing well so far but the first few weeks are crucial.”

“He will be named after a Game of Thrones character, in a tradition we started seven years ago because lots of the keepers were fans of the show. In the past we have named calves Mountain, Drogo and Arya.”

— AD —

“We are all really excited about our new arrival and it is fantastic to be able to welcome local visitors to meet him too,” added Barclay.

The Mishmi takin is native to India, Myanmar and China. Unfortunately they are declining due to habitat loss, hunting and competition with other species.

They are among one of the largest goat-antelope species in the world. The legend of the golden fleece is thought to come from their fur.

Takin calf Highland Wildlife Park

The 2 week old Mishmi takin calf is weighed at Highland Wildlife Park

Photo Credit: RZSS

Learn more about the Highland Wildlife Park on their website – Highland Wildlife Park

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