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Dainty Tree Frogs Hop In To Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium

Posted By : The Animal Facts Editorial Team

Date: July 3, 2020 12:28 am

dainty tree frog melbourne aquarium

Photo Credit: Courtesy Melbourne Aquarium

Six tiny tree frogs have managed to break through border quarantine and make the journey from the Sunshine Coast to Melbourne in time for the reopening of Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium.

The six dainty tree frogs have just completed their eight week quarantine period after arriving from Mooloolaba in Queensland while the aquarium was closed to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Currently the frogs are just 3cm (1.2in) long and are bright yellow in colour. Once they are adults though they will measure 4.5cm (1.8in) long and be bright green on their back while keeping the yellow coloration on their belly.

Photo Credit: Courtesy Melbourne Aquarium

At Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium they will become ambassadors for their species.

While these dainty tree frogs were a planned arrival this species is one of the most common banana box frogs. These are frogs which move from tropical parts of Australia to cooler areas by hitchhiking in boxes of bananas.

Tom Fair, SEA LIFE Melbourne’s resident amphibian expert said; “Dainty tree frogs are one of the most common frogs that accidentally turn up in Victoria hidden in produce. It’s important that that frogs are collected and surrendered to

facilities such as the Amphibian Research Centre as they can’t survive in our cool climate.”

Visitors will be able to meet the dainty tree frogs these holiday’s in the rainforest zone which is also home to lungfish, freshwater turtles and many other species. Melbourne Aquarium has plenty of other attractions to keep the family

entertained as well including sub-Antarctic penguins, a massive saltwater crocodile and many other types of marine life.

You can visit Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium 7 days a week over the school holiday period with a pre-booked ticket.

Learn more about frogs here – Amphibians | The Animal Facts

Learn more about Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium on their website – Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium

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