Daring Rescue Saves Star of Bald Eagle Cam in Miami

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Date: March 28, 2022 10:53 am

Bald Eagle Rescue Zoo Miami

A rescuer holds R2 before he was returned to the nest after works to remove line from around his leg

Photo Credit: Zoo Miami

The bald eagle family that have become stars of eagle cam have required a daring rescue to save the life of one of their chicks. Ron and Rita have been featured on eagle cam this year as they raised their first ever chicks to adulthood.

This week the first chick, R1 was able to fledge the nest and take his first flight. It was hoped that the second chick would soon follow but when this failed to happen rescuers realised something may be wrong. Careful observation revealed that R2 had monofilament line tied around his leg. It is thought this came from a fish that Ron and Rita brought back to the nest.

When it became apparent he would not be able to leave the nest rescuers decided to step in.

Lloyd Brown, founder and director of Wildlife Rescue of Dade County, who also happens to be a firefighter/paramedic, contacted Miami-Dade Fire Rescue (MDFR) and organized a special platform truck to lift him up to the nest.

The team from MDFR Platform 34, came to the site and lifted rescuers up 85 foot to the nest to help the eaglet break free and allow it to take its first flight. While on site they also removed any excess line from the nest.

Unfortunately this was not the end of the rescue with Lloyd later receiving a call that R2 had been sighted in a backyard with filament still attached to the foot. He attended the house and caught R2 in a net and was able to remove the remainder of the line.

After a long day for R2 it was decided that she should be taken for monitoring overnight to ensure she recovered well.

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The next morning the group returned to the nest and once again scaled the tree using the platform truck and placed R2 back in the nest bowl. Fortunately she remained in the nest and was soon joined by Rita who came to check on her chick.

Since the rescue R1 and R2 have been seen sitting in nearby trees and it is hoped they will continue their fledging process.

These birds have only been able to get their chicks to fledging due to the dedicated efforts of Lloyd Brown and Wildlife Rescue of Dade County, along with Ron Magill and the funding from the Ron Magill Conservation Endowment at the Zoo Miami Foundation.

After several nesting attempts ended in failure over past years the pair were assisted this year with a platform in which they could build their nest. The stability of the platform aided their nest building.

Bald eagle pairs remain together for life and as a result it is hoped they will return to their nest next year.

This year people around the globe have ben able to watch the chicks grow on the live eagle cam. Once the family have left the nest site for the year, Ron and Lloyd are planning to return to the nest and install a microphone so you can also hear the family next year.

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Bald Eagle Rescue Zoo Miami

A rescuer holds R2 before he was returned to the nest after works to remove line from around his leg

Photo Credit: Zoo Miami

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