Eastern Bongo enters the world at Zoo Atlanta

On April 12 2014 Zoo Atlanta’s bongo, Matilda, gave birth to her 3rd baby and it’s a boy. Mum and Dad, Tambo, are part of the species survival plan for the eastern bongo. This aims to create a genetically diverse,self-sustaining population of bongos in North American Zoos. The program has already seen captive bongos reintroduced into Africa.

Mum has been very protective of her little baby as all bongo mothers are. This is to safeguard the baby from bongo-bubpredators. As such people will need to wait a short amount of time until they can see the little bundle of joy. This will give Matilda time to bond with the calf behing the scenes.

Zoo CEO and President, Raymond B. King, said that “We’re delighted to celebrate our third eastern bongo birth here at Zoo Atlanta. This is a rare and beautiful species very much in need of conservation action.” With only 500 bongos left in the wild this baby is important for the zoos breeding program. In Kenya their native land they are threatened by habitat destruction and poaching.

King said the zoo wishes that as visitors ‘watch the calf grow, our Members and guests will be encouraged to learn more about the threats facing bongos in the wild, as well as the everyday actions we can all take to make a difference for endangered species.”

Make sure to stay tuned to the zoos website for more updates.
Photo Credit:Zoo Atlanta

By Cale Russell

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