Elk Calf Named at Highland Wildlife Park

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Date: August 25, 2021 9:40 pm

Elk Calf Highland Wildlife Park

The elk calf is pictured recently at the Highland Wildlife Park in Scotland

Photo Credit: RZSS

A Eurasian elk calf at the Highland Wildlife Park in Scotland has been named. Keepers at the park selected the name Egret in keeping with the bird themed name of father, Raven.

The calf was born on Friday May 14th 2021. You can read about its birth here – Two Elk Calves Born at Highland Wildlife Park

Unfortunately the calf is currently being cared for by its father Raven as its mother Cas was found unresponsive earlier in August. After consulting with the veterinary team it was decided that she should be put to sleep to prevent any further suffering.

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The youngster is currently doing well and weighs in at 53kg. Visitors to the park can meet Egret in the park’s drive-through reserve eating willow.

Eurasian elk are the largest living deer species. They are currently found across much of Europe but have gone extinct in Scotland.

Elk Calves RZSS

The elk calf is pictured at the highland Wildlife Park soon after its birth

Photo Credit: RZSS

Learn more about Elk here – Elk Fact File | The Animal Facts

Learn more about the Highland Wildlife Park on their website – Highland Wildlife Park

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