Endangered Sumatran rhinoceros born in captivity

An endangered Sumatrian rhinoceros has been born at a sactuary in Indonesia, which is one of only four recorded births of a Sumatrian rhinoceros in captivity in 100 years.


The birth is significant because it is believed that there are less than 200 Sumatrian rhinoceros living in Indonesia & Malaysia.

A spokesman for Indonesia’s forest ministry, Masyhud, reported the birth went very well and is a big present for the Sumatran rhino breeding efforts becasue it is such a rare species.

He added that Sumatrian rhinoceros have difficulties in their reproduction.


The monther of the baby rhino, Ratu, has been pregnant on two other occassions, which ended in miscarriages.

The father of the baby rhino, Andalas, was born at Cincinnati Zoo and was the first Sumatran rhino to be delivered in captivity in 112 years.

BBC Video report included below.

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