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Famed Woodland Park Zoo Giraffe Prepares to Move House

Posted By : The Animal Facts Editorial Team

Date: October 11, 2020 9:30 am

giraffe move woodland park zoo

Giraffe Hasani who will head to a new home in Texas later this month

Photo Credit: John Loughlin/Woodland Park Zoo

Famed Woodland Park Zoo giraffe Hasani is preparing to leave Seattle for a new home in Texas. The last day to see him will be October 18th.

Born in May 2019 weighing 70kg (155lbs) Hasani was diagnosed with an abnormality known as hyperextended fetlocks within hours of his birth. Had he been born in the wild Hasani would not be able to survive as he could not nurse from mom or follow her to avoid predators.

His story of struggle and then triumph led to international fame.

“Hasani showed a lot of spunk from the moment he was born—he never gave up. And neither did we,” said Dr. Tim Storms, an associate veterinarian at Woodland Park Zoo. “Thanks to our animal health and giraffe teams who worked around the clock to successfully treat and resolve Hasani’s medical condition, including a Kentucky-based equine veterinarian who specializes in foot conditions, we are able to send a healthy giraffe, who can walk and run like all giraffes, to a new home. We will miss this brave giraffe.”

giraffe move woodland park zoo

Woodland Park Zoo giraffe Hasani is shown at 2 weeks old in 2019 taking his first steps outdoors with new therapeutic shoes to treat the rear leg abnormalities he was born with. Today, he can walk and run like all giraffes

Photo Credit: Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren/Woodland Park Zoo

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At 1 ½ years old it is the natural time for Hasani to leave his herd. “Woodland Park Zoo can be home to one male only. If Hasani were to stay here, he would have to be managed separately as he sexually matures,” said Martin Ramirez, mammal curator at Woodland Park Zoo. “Hasani will continue to receive excellent care at his new home and a new female is expected to join him later this fall.”

He will travel in a ventilated livestock trailer with an extended top to his new home at a private facility in Merkel, Texas. The facility, which is home to other exotic species, is not open to the public and is affiliated with Hemker Park & Zoo in Freeport, Minn.

Giraffes will continue to be exhibited at Woodland Park Zoo with a herd of three currently housed there. This includes Olivia and Dave, the parents of Hasani and Tufani, Olivia’s younger sister.

Learn more about giraffe here – Giraffe Fact File | The Animal Facts

Learn more about Woodland Park Zoo on their website – Woodland Park Zoo

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