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Five New Cheetah Cubs Spotted at Smithsonian

Posted By : The Animal Facts Editorial Team

Date: October 14, 2021 12:25 am

cheetah smithsonian conservation biology institute

Rosalie the cheetah gave birth to five cubs at the Smithsonian's Conservation Biology Institute on October 12th 2021

Photo Credit: Smithsonian's Conservation Biology Institute

Carnivore keepers at the Smithsonian's Conservation Biology Institute (SCBI) have celebrated the birth of a litter of five cheetah cubs on October 12th 2021. The five cubs arrived between 5.20 and 11.17am.

The mother of the litter is Rosalie and the father is Nick. Nick is a ten year old cheetah and was the first cheetah born at the SCBI.

Keepers are giving Rosalie a chance to bond with her cubs without interference. As such it will be some time before the gender of the cubs is determined. They are being monitored remotely through a camera and currently appear to be active, vocal and eating well.

You can also watch the cubs on this camera on the Smithsonian's Cheetah Cub Cam – Cheetah Cub Cam

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"Seeing Rosalie successfully care for this litter—her first—with confidence is very rewarding," said Adrienne Crosier, cheetah reproductive biologist at SCBI and head of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums' Cheetah Species Survival Plan. "Being able to witness the first moments of a cheetah’s life is incredibly special. As webcam viewers watch our cheetah family grow, play and explore their surroundings, we hope the experience brings them joy and helps them feel a deeper connection to this vulnerable species."

SCBI is a member of the Cheetah Breeding Center Coalition. This group of 10 cheetah breeding centers are working to maintain a sustainable cheetah population under human care.

They form part of the AZA SSP program. This recommends the breeding of certain pairs considering their genetic makeup, health and temperament. Rosalie and Nick were paired together on July 9th and 10th. Keepers confirmed the pregnancy on August 16th.

Since 2007 sixteen litters of cheetahs have been born at the SCBI. This included a single cub born earlier this year who has since been moved to another park to be cared for by a surrogate mother.

You can learn more about that cub in our story here – Cheetah Cub Finds A New Family at Wildlife Safari

Rosalie the cheetah gives birth to her five cubs at the Smithsonian's Conservation Biology Institute on October 12th 2021

Photo Credit: Smithsonian's Conservation Biology Institute

Learn more about Cheetahs here – Cheetah Fact File | The Animal Facts

Learn more about the Smithsonian's Conservation Biology Institute on their website – Smithsonian's Conservation Biology Institute

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