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Fort Worth Zoo Unveil New Predators Habitat


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June 24, 2023 5:53 pm


Fort Worth, Tennessee, The United States

Fort Worth Zoo have unveiled their latest expansion, Predators of Asia & Africa returning a range of fan favourites not seen at the zoo since 2020. Guests exploring the new area may encounter cheetah, tigers, hyena, lions, birds and African leopards, a new species for the zoo.

The project serves as the third phase of the zoo's capital campaign, A Wilder Vision. The project has been underway for a close to a decade and has transformed much of the zoo's campus.

“After raising the full $130 million in private funds and opening phase one African Savanna and phase two Elephant Springs, we are elated to have completed phase three and welcome our beloved carnivores back to Fort Worth,” said Ramona Bass, chair of the Fort Worth Zoological Association Board of Directors. “I must thank the citizens of this community, who continue to be so generous in their support of the Zoo. None of this would be possible without them … three phases down, one more to go!”

Upon entering the zoo guests will be faced with a large waterfall within the enhanced home for African lions. As they continue through the habitat they will find themselves separated from some of the world's top predators by just a pane of glass.

Within Asia they will meet the first new species to move to Fort Worth, the clouded leopard. Other Asian species within the habitat are the Sumatran tiger and striped hyena. Back in Africa an expanded habitat homes the zoo's cheetahs and the adventure ends with a view of the first African leopards to call the zoo home.

Among the predator habitats are a range of bird aviaries showcasing a diverse range of species including, red-crowned crane, Satyr tragopan, African pygmy falcon and more.

While the new habitat is now open Fort Worth Zoo are not taking a break from improving their campus. Construction has already begun on the fourth and final phase of the A Wilder Vision campaign, Forests & Jungles of the World. This area will transform the heart of the zoo in to a forest home for the zoo's resident jaguar, Sumatran orangutan and bongos who will join new species such as the okapi and giant otter.

Forests & Jungles of the World is anticipated to open during 2025.

Fort Worth Zoo Predators Exhibit

Cheetah are one of the species featured in the new Predators of Asia & Africa habitat at the Fort Worth Zoo. The habitat opened to visitors on June 23rd 2023. Image: © Fort Worth Zoo

Fort Worth Zoo Predators Exhibit
Fort Worth Zoo Predators Exhibit

The lion exhibit at the Fort Worth Zoo has gone through a significant glow up. Guests can now view them both from ground level and atop the large waterfall which runs through their habitat. Image: © Fort Worth Zoo

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