Francois languar family grows at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

francois languarTwo brightly coloured languar babies can now be seen swinging through the trees at Cleveland Zoo’s rainforest habitat.

First time mom, Mei Mei was the first to have her baby. Then Petunia who has had 4 babies before gave birth to her baby. The zoo’s male languor Lung Son is the father of both babies.

As part of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums’ Species survival program (SSP) the zoo has had a lot success breeding francois languars. These two babies bring the total number of languars bred at the zoo to 30. The SSPs are Co-operative breeding programs that attempt to increase genetic diversity in populations of threatened species.

The program is important due to the endangered status of this species on the Interactional Union for Conservation of Nature’s red list. These animals are listed as “decreasing” as a result of hunting and habitat loss in their native home of Laos, China and Vietnam.

With the 2 babies the zoos francois languar population now includes 7 monkeys. They have Mei Mei, Lang Son, Petunia and their infants who live in the rainforest as well as 2 juvenile offspring who had previously been born at the zoo who are off exhibit.

Mei Mei has live at the zoo since 2005 after she made the move from San Diego. Lang Son came to Cleveland in 2013 from Kansas City Zoo. He was originally born at Oregon Zoo. Petunia was born at the zoo in 2000.


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