Get up close and personal with spiders at London Zoo

Europe’s first spider walkthrough will open at ZSL London Zoo on May 23. In with the Spiders is a new experience in the zoo’s popular B.U.G.S exhibit that brings you face to face with amazing arachnids from around the world.

Before entering the habitat guests will meet spiders from the UK. Spiders from around the world such as the black widow, huntsman and giant bird-eating spiders will also be on display.


Then the brave can get really up close to the golden orb spiders which call the walk-through home. These communal spiders spend their day perched on their one metre (3.2ft) wide webs.

You can even take home a souvenir of your experience by snapping a pic with one of the spiders at the “Spider Selfie” mirror.


In the spider nursery you can tiny spiderlings which have been bred at ZSL London Zoo.

One of the UK’s most endangered animals in also on display. The fen raft spider is one of the UK’s largest spiders and is able to walk on water. Keepers from ZSL London Zoo working with Natural England were able to reintroduce some of these spiderlings into the wild after they reared them.


A final message from the talking tarantula will convince you that spiders are friend, not foe.

In with the spiders is ZSL London Zoo’s next step is converting spider haters into spider-loves. For two decades they have run the Friendly Spider program which helps to cure arachnophobia.

Photo Credits: London Zoo

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