Giant anteater pup born at Zoo Boise

Giant Anteater

A giant anteater pup was born at Zoo Boise on July 6th. Recently it has begun to make fleeting appearances in its habitat on the back of mum, Gloria.

As solitary animals Gloria and the pup are being kept separate from the baby’s father, McCauley.

Giany anteater

Most of a young giant anteaters life is spent riding on mums back. It may take a bit of searching to find the pup though as it was born with a full coat that blends in with its mum’s so it can hide from predators. Mum and pup will spend the next year or two together before it is time for them to separate.

As an adult this giant anteater could weigh up to 45kg (100lb) and measure 2.1m (7ft) long. In their native Central and South America these animals consume up to 30,000 ants and termites a day as they wander the forest.

Photo Credit: Zoo Boise

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