Giant pandas insured at Zoo Atlanta

The giant pandas at Atlanta Zoo can sleep a little better at night now knowing they are insured. EPIC Insurance brokers and consultants have added Panda Mortality and Transit Insurance to their list of specialty risk management products and consulting services.

As one of only four zoos in the U.S. to house giant pandas housing giant pandas Zoo Atlanta know they are important assets. Zoo Atlanta has housed Lun Lun, their adult female and Yang Yang, the adult male since 1999. Since 2006 they have had five cubs. The pair came from China on loan. The pair have recently produced the only giant panda twins in the US known as Mei Lun and Mei Huan.

Once Lun Lun and Yang Yang’s offspring are old enough they need to return to China. EPIC’s Dan Houston was happy to assist with keeping the panda’s safe on their journey back to China with Transit Insurance Coverage. Zoo Atlanta is a long term client of Houston who is the Senior Vice President of Enterprise Risk Management for EPIC.

giant panda

Three of the zoo’s pandas Mei Lan, Xi Lan and Po have already returned to Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding in China. Mei Lun and Mei Huan are still at the zoo with their parents.

Connie Draime, the Senior Account Manager for EPIC and Houston work together to manage all business insurance for the zoo. They worked together on the Panda Mortality Insurance which covers them while at Zoo Atlanta and when travelling to China. The Panda Mortality Insurance was placed with Lloyd’s of London. Their underwriter Lorraine Mills visited the zoo during the underwriting process to see the pandas.

You can see the giant pandas on Panda Cam presented by EarthCam.


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