Giraffe babies drop into the San Diego Zoo Safari Park

Every 18 months something exciting drops into the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, and when we say drop we mean it. Cause these giraffe calfs are born while their mother is standing up and fall a great height to begin their life.

A giraffe is pregnant for 15 months and they stand up to 6 feet tall. The herd stays together and throughout the calves life it will be regularly given to other females for babysitting. Currently the zoos calves are 3 to 10 months old and their personalities are just beginning to take shape as they head off on their own adventures.


This year the zoo has had 4 calves born, 2 males and 2 females. They have been named Acacia, Kamali, Mchumba and Leroy.

Each giraffe has shown their own personalities which were shaped by their life. Acacia is the most cautious giraffe. She is more comfortable with the other giraffes around her. Keepers have noticed recently though she has gotten a bit cheekier and began to break out of her shell. She has been roadblocking the trucks and stopping keepers from going about their business. She does like to help though by giving the car a wash with her long blue tongue.


There is also Kamali who is daring. He loves getting leaves off the visitors who take a Caravan Safari tour. He is also great at having a good time as he will jump around and kick his legs out.

As the youngest of the group Mchumba is still sticking close to mum, Chuka who is the matriarch of the herd. It would appear that she shares her easy going nature with her older sister, Chuchumia.

Leroy is the friendliest group after keepers helped raise him. When he was just a few weeks old he was hit by numerous infections. This led to keepers raising him when he was hospitalised. As such he is comfortable around people and the zoo plans to use him as an ambassador for his species.


The giraffe herd can be seen in the 60 acre enclosure Kilima Point.

Photo Credit: San Diego Zoo Safari Park

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