Giraffe calf being bottle fed at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park

      A giraffe calf at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park is being cared for by keepers after her mother passed away. The two month old calf was born June 22, 2015 and has been named Congo by his keepers.

Congo’s mum passed away in an accident earlier last month and has been in the care of keepers since. He receives three bottles of formula a day. Each contains 2.6 litres and only takes him 5 minutes to get down.


To help keep the calf company keepers have paired him up with Leroy a 2 year old giraffe who was also bottle feed as a youngster. The two have spent time in the giraffe boma (barn) where Congo has been able to transition to life without mum.

Last week the pair was then able to venture out on exhibit to enjoy the wide open spaces which the zoo offers. He has been spotted playing with the other two calves currently at the park, Siri and Yamakaui. Keepers are also journeying out in their trucks three times a day so he can be feed on exhibit.


San Diego Zoo Global support giraffe conservation in Africa by sending a team of scientists from their Institute for Conservation Research to develop ways that Kenyan pastoralists can help in protecting giraffes and their savannah home.

Photo Credit: San Diego Zoo Safari Park

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