Giraffe calf born at Auckland Zoo

Auckland Zoo has welcomed the 32nd giraffe calf born at the zoo since it opened. The 6ft (1.8m) tall female calf was born to mum Rukiya in the late hours of April 23rd. The father is Zabulu.



“Rukiya took about an hour and half to deliver this little one, which is on a par with most giraffe deliveries. She’s such a fantastic mum, we really couldn’t ask for better. Her calf was walking within half an hour, and has been suckling well,” says team leader of Auckland Zoo’s Pridelands, Nat Sullivan. She was watching as the birth took place.


“It was so great to see the birth. Even though I’ve seen many here over the years, to me it’s still one of the coolest things you can ever experience,” added Sullivan.

By Midday on the 24th vets had given the youngster a health check and declared it to be in great condition.

Over time the calf will meet the rest of the giraffe family and then slowly get to meet the zebra’s and ostrich which share their paddock. This will occur over the next month.


Keepers in the Pridelands department will be choosing the name of the giraffe calf.

The zoo will announce on their Facebook page when the calf is out on display.

Photo Credit: Auckland Zoo

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