Giraffe Calves day out at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park


The San Diego Zoo Safari Park’s newest Ugandan giraffe, Congo enjoyed his first in his expansive home today. Born on June 22 the calf has been bonding with his mum, Chinde in a smaller holding enclosure.

On his first journey outside the calf had to run with the aim of keeping up with mum’s long strides as she attempted to reach the waterhole. When they reached it the rest of the herd where quick to sniff and lick the newest member of the herd.


Congo is named after the African river. Currently he is over 6ft (1.8m) tall and weigh 200lb (90kg). The Ugandan giraffe is the only giraffe subspecies which is endangered. Currently it is believed that the small population of this species in Kenya and Uganda includes just 700 animals.

San Diego Zoo Global is working with pastoralists in Kenya in the aim of getting them to protect the giraffes on the Savannah.

Photo Credit: Ken Bohn/ San Diego Zoo Safari Park

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