Giraffe duo debut at Fort Worth Zoo


Two reticulated giraffes have been born at the Fort Worth Zoo. The calves are both male with one being born April 28 and the other born on May 23rd this year.

Known as Willie and Waylon this pair joins a herd of seven giraffes that live at the Zoo.

Willie and Waylon were named after Teaxs’ music giants, Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings.


At birth Wille already stood 5ft 10in (1.6m) tall and weighed 121lb (54.9kg) Waylon was bigger than his half-brother at 6ft 1in (1.8m) and weighed 186lb (84.4kg).

Reticulated giraffes are named for their chestnut-brown rectangular markings that are different on each giraffe. Waylon and Wille still have a bit of growing to do to reach the lofty heights of the adults. Their necks alone may grow to be 7ft (2.1m) long.

Giraffes have lived at the Worth Zoo since 1952 when a 3 year old giraffe, Topper was purchased by the Fort Worth Zoological Association. Currently a herd of six males and three males live at the zoo’s African Savannah.

Photo Credit: Fort Worth Zoo

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