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Go 2 Zoo

Our directory of zoos around the world

Go 2 Zoo is our directory of zoos around the world. Here we feature the work of good zoos from across the globe. You can discover many facts about these zoos and learn about what to expect if you visit.

Since the opening of the first zoo to the public, Tiergarten Schönbrunn, in 1779 visitors have flocked to see the wild wonders with which we share the Earth.

Over time zoos have evolved from places solely intended for people to stare at animals for entertainment to conservation focused organisations which exist to connect visitors with nature and protect species from becoming extinct.

On the Go 2 Zoo page we promote the work of good zoos which provide exceptional care to their animals. To ensure this we only feature zoos which are accredited by their regional zoo association. These organisations including the Association of Zoos and Aquariums in America, the Zoo and Aquarium Association in Australasia and the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria in Europe.

Zoos are increasingly popular attractions. Each year 183 million people visit American zoos, 22 million people visit Australian and New Zealand zoos and 140 million people visit European zoos.

Features of our profiles

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  • Address
  • How long you’ll need
  • Number of Animals
  • Size of the zoo
  • Website address
  • History
  • Tips for a good day
  • Star Animals
  • Attractions

While we endeavour to provide this information for all zoos it may not be possible due to a lack of available information or the zoo not offering that particular option.

Zoo Profiles

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Zoo Logos

All zoo logos are subject to the copyright and terms of use of the respective zoo.


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Audubon Zoo Cold-Stunned Turtle

Audubon Coastal Wildlife Network Care for Cold-Stunned Turtle 

Marwell Zoo Stocktake

Marwell Zoo Complete Count of All Their Animals 

Gorilla Zoo Atlanta

World’s Oldest Male Gorilla Passes Away at Zoo Atlanta 

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